It’s Diet Season Again!


As the advertising campaigns move through their standard rotation through Thanksgiving, Halloween and Chistmas, it is indeed time for DIET season.  Everywhere you turn you’ll see advertisements for diet plans and exercise memberships or equipment.

Enough is enough.  It’s time to give Thelma a call and get your health back on track with the best health coach in South-Western Ontario!  Thelma has been coaching people back to health since 1984.  Her secret is a healthy cleansing approach to food and nutrition.  The best part? You only need to gently work yourself up into activity and the simplest of all is a gentle 20 minute walk every day.

To get in the spirit of the New Year Season, Miami North Nutrition is offering a super-discount special – Bring your your friend or partner and team up to benefit from Thelma’s New Year Special!

Give Thelma a call at 519-747-9198 and get ready for the most caring and focused personal one-to-one health coaching in town.  You will be thrilled by how great you’ll feel!

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